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The Arlington Police Foundation supports the Arlington Independent School District and the Arlington Police Department’s Hometown Recruiting Program by funding two scholarships to two worthy students each year. The scholarships can be applied at any college or university in Texas. The goal of the program is to keep valued individuals in Arlington for college and their future careers in law enforcement. The students who are awarded the AISD Police Academy’s Achievement Medal are eligible to apply. The potential award recipients then submit an essay and are interviewed by a board consisting of representatives from AISD, APD and APF. Award recipients are announced during the Hometown Recruiting Program’s annual award ceremony.


Allyssa Allison


Violeta Rodriguez


Luciano Marconi

“My name is Luciano Marconi and I am a Martin High School Graduate who received one of the Arlington Police Foundation Scholarships. I have been born and raised in Texas and am proud to call it home. I worked very hard for this scholarship and am thankful that it will enable me to pursue my chosen career path. It will go towards majoring in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington. This scholarship was very important and means quite a lot to me. This scholarship means that I can spend less time working and more time studying. Less time worrying about finances and more time immersing myself in college culture. This scholarship has granted me the opportunity to attend UTA at no out of pocket expenses for the first year. It means financial stability and a chance to help me contribute to things my family may need.

Earning this scholarship was not trivial. It took strength, courage, and a lot of commitment. I had to be on my toes at all times in the academy. Another contributing factor was our S.A.R.A. Projects. I did mine over safety in the Junior parking lot at Martin High School. Admittedly it hit more speed bumps than anticipated but I was glad I was able to learn about the process of truly getting something done along the way.”

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